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Blades Supplements

Duskwall Heist Deck (by Andrew Shields)- These cards are designed for use with Blades in the Dark, a role playing game about scoundrels building a criminal empire in the haunted city of Duskwall. The game is intended to have minimal preparation, with an improvisational focus.

Illustrated Maps (by Ryan Dunleavy) - Detailed floor plans for buildings throughout Doskvol, choosing a new neighborhood for each new map. Each floor plan will have three versions: 1) a rooftop closeup, 2) a room layout, and 3) a detailed layout. I plan on creating 2-3 maps per month. 

Vigilantes (by Sean Nittner) - Vigilantes is a Blades playset about playing the good guys, or as close to the good guys as you can find in Doksvol. The playset includes one new gang type, Vigilantes, as well as new rules for turf, claims, entanglements, downtime, and payoffs as they apply to Vigilantes.