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Fan Creations

Creations made by fans. These aren't officially licensed products, nor are the endorsed by One Seven Design or Evil Hat Productions. We just think it's cool that people are making content inspired by Blades in the Dark!

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Author: Sean Nittner
Status: Complete

Outside of the Imperial City, the greatest universities in the empire are found in Doskvol. From the high walled towers of Whitecrown to the merchant class guilds of Charterhall, if there is a mystery to be solved, a philosophy to be extolled, or a schematic to be designed, some student of Doskvol is toiling late in the night to gain course credit for it.

Johnstone's Iruvian Playbooks

Author: Johnstone Metzger


Johnstone's reimagining of Iruvia with nine original playbooks.

Radicals Crew Sheet

Author: Michael Atlin and Tim Groth


Play a crew of subversives, rebels, and guerilla fighters. For all your revolutionary needs.

The Mate

Author: Sean Nittner


Sean watched Young Offenders and then felt like being silly on April Fools. Apparently this is a functioning playbook. Who knew?

The Artist Playbook

Author: Renaud van Strydonck


An uncanny artist and illusionist driven by mad visions and a egomania

Remnants of War

Author: Ben Scerri


For those who served in the Unity War. Includes A new crew type The Legionnaires.

Samaat Playbook

Author: Mistletoe_kiss


A manipulator of essence and force

Ben Morgan's Custom Playbooks

Author: Ben Morgan



Mutants in the Night

Author: DC Link:

DriveThruRPG Link:

Status: Early Access

It's the year 2044. Mutants have been struggling to survive since humanity divided into two, 10 years ago. They now live in Mutant Safe Zones; rundown slums and ghettos surrounded by mighty walls, to placate humanity's fear of the unknown.  The law stands against them. Enforcers stand above them. Opportunity stands before them. Join together at the table to experience this Forged in the Dark game where you can use your abilities as an Empowered Mutant to traverse this complicated world, and find out what it means to fight back against a system that's built to keep you down.


Author: Allie Bustion


Status: Alpha

You and your gaggle of misfits have pretty limited legitimate options in Prohibition Era America. You can try to eke out a miserable existence the way you’re supposed to or you can do something a little less legal and maybe make something a little better for you and yours. You’ve got some product or service people want; you protect and distribute it; you make bribes to the police, local and federal government, and supernatural courts to avoid unfavorable ends; and you maybe get more tangled up in a mess of history and bad blood than you ever wanted to be. All of it comes with the territory. Try not to go broke or, worse yet, owe the wrong people for too long. Try not to get caught. Try to get through to the other side with more than you started with. Stay alive, stay fighting.

Desks in the Dark

Author: David Rothfeder


Status: Pre-Alpha (v0.03)

Desks in the Dark is a role playing game taking place at a mysterious boarding school. What makes this school mysterious? That’s up to the players to decide. The point is that there are mysteries about ready for the meddling students to discover, exploit, and otherwise cause mischief, so that the players can create a story of young students sneaking around the school grounds causing trouble and learning secrets they were never meant to.


Formerly Known As: Household Renovation of Great and Terrible Power
Author: Adam Sexton

Status: In Development

MORTALLYBANKRUPT is a game about bankrupt mortals with nothing left but personality, passion, and high fashion. It’s also about the invasive Horrors whose transceiver-tendrils will groom them into hollow, photoshopped Reality Stars. We’ll watch their symbiosis destroy our humanity through the episodes of a Reality Show with cinematics that burn eyes and special fx that hack physics.

Glow in the DarkGlow In The Dark

Author: Adam Schwaninger

Link: DriveThruRPG

Status: Released

This is the white­line nightmare of the Cold War brought to half­life, a mythical doomsday that never was. Twisted metal rusts away under shifting dunes. Maniacs kill for food, for fuel, or for fun. You are part of a crew ​­ a gang of post­apocalyptic scavengers and warriors desperate to survive. We will play the game to find out if your crew can flourish despite other hungry gangs, forgotten pre­war threats, the unforgiving elements, and their own dark impulses.

To Boldly Go

Author: Logan Shoup


Status: Quickstart v1.0

To Boldly Go is a game about a group of brave officers coming together as the crew of a United Federation of Planets exploration vessel. There are tense negotiations, daring maneuvers, dangerous combat, and a wide galaxy of potential. We will play to find out if this green Starfleet crew can mesh into a highly efficient and discerning team while facing previously unknown threats, powerful Klingons, devious Romulans, forgotten technology, new phenomena, and strange beings all while retaining the dignity that makes them exemplars of Starfleet.

Runners in the Shadows

Author: Mark Cleveland Massengale


Status: V6 (awaiting Blades SRD as of August 2017)

Runners is about a group of daring shadowrunners building a reputation on the ill-fated streets of a near-future, cyberpunk world. This work is inspired by Shadowrun.

The Final Frontier

Author: Mark Cleveland Massengale


Status: alpha (still adding features as of 12/21/2016)

The Final Frontier is about the voyages of the crew of a starship on a mission through the universe. This work is inspired by Star Trek.

Harbingers of Twilight

Author: Ben Wright


Status: Alpha Playtest

Harbingers of Twilight is a game about a group of intrepid mages building a supernatural endeavor in a renaissance-era fantastical region. There are mysteries, traps, dangerous bargains, sinister feuds, deception, betrayals, victories, and death.

We'll play to find out if the neophyte circle can thrive amidst the teeming threats of rival societies, powerful families, vengeful creatures, the Guards, and the idiosyncrasies of the mages' own vice.

Laws of the Dark

Author: Roe Portal

Link: System, Playbooks

Status: Alpha (very early playtest)

Laws of the Dark  is a Blade in the Dark hack that let you play in a world heavily (heavily) inspired by the craft sequence, a book series written by Max Gladstone “set in a postindustrial fantasyland: gods with shareholders’ committees, necromancers in pinstriped suits, and soulstuff as currency.”


Author: Justin Ford


Mothlands is a science-fantasy setting focusing on Bronze Age cultures living on two worlds once inhabited by the same post scarcity civilization. It’s a game of wilderness survival and world exploration. Players will be challenged with harsh environments, mysterious ruins, and the ever-present threat of the moths - the supreme alien predators.

Sea of Dead Men

Author: Joe Adkisson


Status: v1.2

The tentatively-titled Sea of Dead Men is a pirate-themed hack that aims to be flexible enough to handle the whole range of the piracy genre - from high adventure swashbuckling (Captain Blood, Pirates of the Caribbean) to gritty realism (Black Sails, historical piracy).

Copperhead County

Author: Jason Eley
Status: Early Access

Copperhead County is a tabletop RPG about organized crime, political corruption, and the nature of the modern southern United States. Players build a criminal empire spanning the city, small towns, and hills of a fictional county in present-day Tennessee, all the while surviving against the competition, the authorities, and their own hellbound ambitions.

A Nocturne

Author: Calum Grace


A NOCTURNE is a hard sci-fi RPG that casts the players as the crew of an interstellar spitter craft - a vast, weird, scarred old spaceship - and charges them with a simple task: make Profit by any means necessary. Will they be smugglers and thieves? Scavengers? Diplomats? Con artists? Or mere war-criminals, leaving nothing but dust in their wake? Will they let their Damage consume them and their craft, or will they rise above it and retire to some peaceful world, rich as kings? Will they even survive 'til the next inhabited system?

We play to find out what happens.

Blades of the Inquisition

Author: +RoosterEma (Emanuele Galletto)



Blades of the Inquisition adapts the grim darkness of Warhammer 40’000: the PCs are a group of Inquisitorial Acolytes, torn between the sacred duty of serving the Emperor, and their own weaknesses and corruption. While their Inquisitor master may be untouchable, the PCs are little more than an expendable (but capable) team. Will they purge the Enemy from the sector, or will they succumb to the dangerous power plays of the countless factions warring for power?

Remember: even a man who has nothing can still offer their life. Fear is temporary… duty is eternal.

Blades of New Crobuzon

Author: Calum Grace


Blades of New Crobuzon adapts China Miéville’s vast, cosmopolitan city for use with John Harper’s Blades in the Dark.

Game of Darkness

Author: Manuel ‘TheDuriel’ Fischer


Game of Darkness is a game about guilds of adventurers, heroes, merchants, and politicians, trying to leave their mark in the merciless political landscape of a late medieval world. They will have to fight their enemies, unearth ancient treasures, negotiate peace treaties, and foresee deception and betrayal at every corner.

Blades in the GrimDark (W 40k)

Author: Tim Denee

A Blade hack set in the Grim Warhammer 40k future.

Blood Red Blossoms

Author: Rooster Games


A fantasy horror hack set in ancient Japan

Ninety years ago, Lady Himiko fought the demon armies at Twin Rivers. She drove them away from the Sparrow Coast, and has been Queen of our people ever since.

The land is far from safe; unquiet ghosts stalk the ricefields at night, and demonfires lead travelers astray. Foxes and crows haunt the woods. Queenguards patrol the Princess’ Way and hinterland, but rural villages are often left to fend for themselves against dangers, otherworldly or else. In Blood Red Blossoms you play the role of a Red Hat, a pilgrim who swore -by choice, or to escape an even darker fate- to wander the land and protect its people.

Replicant or Lesbian

Author: Johnstone Metzger


This is a Blade Runner inspired hack.

It's for near-future, cyberpunk-ish sci-fi spec fic, but the main divergence is that the PCs aren't a gang, and they do individual scores in and around the same situations.

Streets of Passion

Author: Levon Jihanian


You are the bad boys and girls of New Angeles. Crooks, punks, satanists, or maybe you’re just misunderstood heroes. The point is, nobody wants you except for when they need you, and baby, you’ve got what everyone needs. The city’s got everything: Drugs, dirty politicians, cybernetically enhanced cops and robbers, ninja clans, and satan worshippers.

You run an operation in this city, gaining reputation and money. To get ahead, you’ve got to bring down other groups and institutions. Choose your enemies wisely, or if you’d prefer, unwisely.

Lost in the Dark

Author: Unknown

A Dark Fantasy Hack for Blades in the Dark.

You play strong men and women on the horror shaken streets of Coldharbor a crumbling fantasy city. There is strange alchemy, the art of pyromancy, superstition, weird cults, horrifying monster and sharp blades.

The players are part of a group of daring survivors fighting for power against all odds and overcoming the horrors of the cataclysm. Gameplay focuses on the moments of daring action during expeditions into the dark and moments of respite during downtime.

Wolves in the Dark

Author: Nick Tomsho

A dark werewolf hack for Blades in the Dark based on Werewolf: the Forsaken by Onyx Path Publishing.

Werewolves are consummate hunters, shapeshifters who wear the forms of man and wolf while stalking their prey, before taking nightmarish forms to move in for the kill.

A Fistful of Darkness

Author: Stefan Struck
Status: First Beta

A Weird West hack.

Imagine a world with the magic and mystery of the frontier: wide open plains and the Old Wild West in all its beauty and madness, where violence and sacrifice dominate every single day. Now add the Hellstone rush, underground mayhem in mines and brand new sciences & machines. Don’t forget immigration, injustice, telegraphs and railroads, vigilante justice, outlaws, gunslingers, slick talkers and setting suns.

Will your posse make it to the top of this powder keg before the impending war with the demons rips it apart? Let’s play to find out!

The Messengers

Author: Erik Bernhardt
Status: Seeking playtesters

The Messengers is about a group of psychically-intertwined spies, hackers, and punks fighting an ancient, secret war against evil in the shadows of a modern world dominated by conspiracy.

The Typhoon Atolls

Author: Galen Pejeau
Status: Quickstart Playtest v2.4

The Typhoon Atolls is a game about mythical heroes in an island world haunted with restless spirits. We will play to learn about myths surrounding the heroes, the growth of the islanders’ culture, and their dramatic dealings with the spirit realms. Along the way they battle elements, cross roiling seas, steal hidden secrets of nature, and protect the islanders from calamities. These tricksters, sages and hunters need their stories to be told, and to remain memorable. For heroes of folklore, to be forgotten is worse than death.

You the player will take up the mask of a Pellikoi and build the mythology of your people as a boatbuilder completes their work. Together with your fellow heroes you will shape the keep that is your Home Island. In sessions you will add plank after plank as you go on Journeys to discover, steal or negotiate for the resources, inventions and wisdom that your people will need to thrive in this harsh archipelago.

No Place Like Home

Author: Mikey Zee
Status: Early Access

No Place Like Home is a surreal horror/mystery game based on the Blades in the Dark system. It's about exploring the secrets in small communities hiding behind well-meaning smiles and closed doors, in a world that’s a little weirder than the one we live in. Fill your community with personalities, places, and a history, then investigate what's made it fall apart. Take risks in the pursuit of answers, and keep the nightmares from taking you and your friends. Can you find out the truth before your town is lost forever?

Our Lonely Worlds

Author: Zak Waters
Status: Playtest V1.1

Our Lonely Worlds is a game about Rebelling against Authority, Finding yourself, and using supernatural powers to do so. The players are Outcasts, Rebelling against a Authority that seeks to control and oppress the world. Will you break? Or stand up and fight?

Frontier Kingdoms

Author: BJK White

Demigod-avatar magical princesses balance tea parties and giant monster attacks to grow their kingdom.


Blades in the Dark

Gaddoc Rail

Author: Sean Nittner
Status: Complete

The northbound Argonaut from Wintercliff clattered into Gaddoc Rail Station, its cattle catcher ablaze with electroplasmic lightning. On it was your mark. Nobody left the station after it pulled in…No one has left the station since.


Charterhall University

Author: Sean Nittner
Status: Complete

The Noble Order of Crows is an institution which claims its origins date back to the Emperor’s gift of Deathseaker Crows to Bellweather Crematorium in year 492. They are a benefit society pledged to elevate the status of their members and of the Doskvol Devil Hunters…Yesterday charges were brought against your chapter. You’ll be expelled if you are lucky, joining the Deathlands Scavengers if you’re not.


Scurlock Manor

Author: Sean Nittner
Status: Complete

On behalf of a patron who offered enough to make it worth your while, you bypassed Scurlock’s external defences, made your way into the manor, and got your hands on the score. That’s when all hell broke loose.


The Electric Rose

Author: Alan Hodges


Status: Complete

You’ve come to be the owners of a purportedly “haunted” bathing house. But now you’re locked into preserving that mystique -- and actual ghosts have started visiting too.

The Soul Merchants

Author: Ziv Wities


Status: Complete

Some vices are stranger than others. You don’t judge. And if there are those who are addicted to being possessed by ghosts… then you’re the ones who can get them their fix.

It’s a small market, to be sure, but a profitable one. And if anybody tries to muscle in and take it from you, well, you’re just going to need to go show them how this business works.

One-shot/scenario with pregen characters.

The Apex

Author: Oliver Granger


Status: Complete

You've been given the identity of the initiate who will be announced tomorrow as the next Apex of the Church of the Ecstasy of the Flesh. Your job is disrupt the Apex hollowing ceremony.

Doskvol Riots of 847

Author: Sean Nittner

You were woken by shouting in the street, torches lit, and the crack of a gun shot. Whatever was stirring under the surface has erupted…and your crew is right in the middle of it.

Spirit Warden Escape

Author: Benjamin Herder

‘Leviathan’s Blight’ has swept its way through Doskvol, prompting mass deployment of Spirit Wardens to contain it. This has drawn a majority of them away from Bellweather Crematorium in Chaterhall and a number of factions have their eyes set on this sparkling prize.


Pregen Blades in the Dark Characters

Author: Andrew Shields


Pregen Scum and Villainy Characters

Author: Duamn Figueroa


Leviathan Hunting 101

Author: Multiple but specifically see posts by Benjamin Hamdorf and Ben Wray)


World of Blades

Author: Duamn Figueroa


A simplified version of Blades in the Dark designed to bring BitD to either inexperienced/casual players or improvise a quick one-shot. It's an simplification of the game (very much like World of Dungeons was a simplified version of Dungeon World).

Here's to Crime

Author: Jimmy Meritt


A D&D 5E guide to capers and heists, inspired by Blades in the Dark.

Roll20 Clock Guides

Author: David "Red Eye Ragnarok" (he/they)


A guide to creating clocks in Roll20.